Removing Your Account

While we hate to see anyone leave, we do firmly believe that everyone should have control over their data. This is why we recommend account removal if you aren't interested in being a part of Userforge or hearing from us anymore – it keeps our system clear of unused personal information and also safeguards your privacy.

Note: if you are already signed in, you will need to sign out and back in. A very recent sign-in is required by our authentication service in order to prevent unauthorized removal of your data.

Steps for Account Removal

  • Sign in to a fresh login session, signing out first if needed (see above note)

  • Click on your user avatar in the top right and then on My Profile in the dropdown

  • Expand the "Account Removal" section of your Profile (shown highlighted in red below)

  • Note all the warnings and archive any data you'd like to keep

  • Click through and remove your account

Screenshot of My Profile page and top dropdown inset