Free-form visual boards for inter-connected notes and flows

Userforge boards are a Beta / R&D feature for now...

Email [email protected] to apply for beta access

Example of several interconnected / embedded boards made up of individual cards
Example of inter-connected notes

Beta information

Our boards feature is hot off the presses! We're excited about the potential and look forward to your feedback.

What do you think? Please drop us a line! [email protected]

In addition to the "Boards" feature there is a story map under the Stories tab with the extra ability to attach and view user stories at each location. This dedicated story map is ideal for your project's site map or highest level user flow diagram, with individual boards used to express more detailed flows

Templates - Coming Soon!

We'd love to hear from you what board starter-templates would be most helpful -- or submit a link to something you've made and with your permission we'll consider integrating it!

Board size

Workspaces support up to 100 cards per board during the beta period (limits subject to adjustment)