Studies (Surveys)

Find out who your users are, what they need, and what matters most to them.

Userforge studies are a Beta / R&D feature for now... Email [email protected] to apply for beta access

Userforge research studies are simple customizable surveys to gather insights from real members of your user group segments. They're the perfect way to add substance to persona profiles and prioritize feature stories based on what real people want and need.

We've gone with a "simple conventions, fully customizable" approach. Everyone's short on time so we've made creating a research study survey quick and straightforward.

Example Research Study portal.

Core Elements

Research Summary

Here's where you write the shortest possible summary that accurately communicates your goals, challenges and the opportunity for stakeholders to engage with. (Note, in the screenshot above, this is the text in the black box).

Take your time to get the Research Summary right -- who knows, this process may even help to clarify your own internal vision.

User Groups

Our research study features center on populating data for pre-existing user group profiles. So you'll need to create groups for each major segment you want to collect info on -- but note that these don't have to be done in-depth before you start running studies! It's actually better not to make assumptions -- just choose a group name / archetype and perhaps a nice background image to give things some personality and color.


Our default survey is a three step setup, with the first page being introductory insights and questions. The middle step is for feature story prioritization (this can be bypassed for a simpler 2 step engagement). The final step collects feature ideas, consolidation, competitive insights and future communication preferences (allowing anonymous participants to specify their email if they're open for you to contact them further).

Example of end-user with partially completed research study survey

Stories (advanced, middle step)

Initial research stages may not require this, but once you've begun to establish what different groups might actually do in the context of your project, this lets you specify which stories / user actions (if any) you wish to have users vote on to help you prioritize. We recommend using the tagging feature to segment stories for prioritization by your survey participants at various phases in multiple studies.

Example story prioritization exercise
Configuration options for prioritization step

Fully Customizable Text (i18n friendly)

While our user interface is English only (for now), one of our priorities from the start has been making all the public-facing elements of the system (persona profiles, and now research surveys) fully text-customizable so you can best serve your global audiences in any language.

Note: Please reach out if you find our system still needs work to serve your locale's needs -- we'd love your help with input and testing.

Our "Customize Text" panels are also useful to change the wording of our steps, questions, buttons and flow. Your engagement surveys will be strongest when questions are adjusted for your specific case.

Accessing your results


Responses show up with a "New" tag until you open the tags to dismiss this notice. Optionally you can add new tags to group and filter responses. You can even use these to link future stories to the feedback that originated them.


You can browse the responses for each study and filter by tag or user group.

CSV Download

Of course, you may want to do your own data analysis and filtering as well. Simply click to download the latest results to a .csv file for seamless import into Excel, OS X "Numbers," or anywhere else!

More to come!

We're excited about the potential of research studies to help you serve your users better. In the near future we hope to add AI analysis to assist with recommendations for completing persona profiles based on research studies, advanced survey features, and more... As always, feel free to reach out with suggestions or comments!