Persona Profiles

Online user group profiles to summarize research
Personas are research-driven internal reference profiles.

If you have the choice, invest in more thorough research and synthesis rather than fussing with fancy presentation templates. After all, personas exist to serve and guide your project, not the other way around!

Key Elements

While it's common for personas to include a human name and avatar, alongside physical demographics, we've chosen to make these elements optional in Userforge (and non-default!) For more, see "Avoid Stereotypes" below.

A well chosen background image has many of the benefits of a traditional persona...


The name for your user segment--often an organizational / system role or customer segment.


A short paragraph giving context and background, intended to generate empathy


An even shorter snippet highlighting a persona's core thrust or concern. It could even be a literal quote from a user interview.

Goals or Motivations

High-level factors driving a segment's engagement with your product or service

Pain-points or Frustrations

Major challenges common to this user group -- could be things you're trying to solve or just factors to keep in mind.

Persona Tips

Avoid stereotypes

As shown in the image above, Userforge makes it easy to craft user group profiles that enrich empathy and foster user-connectedness without reinforcing unhelpful biases. Try to segment groups based on functional aspects and shared concerns rather than resorting to lazy stereotypes. Rich contextual background images powered by our built-in image library are one good way to do this!

Put your personas to work!

User stories are a great way to describe the actions that your users take within the system.