User Persona Template

Generate and maintain beautiful user persona and role profiles. An online library to record research findings and build understanding of your users over time.
Example persona library listing with archetypes

Persona Template

If you haven't yet, join for free and create some personas - then let us know what you think.

Personas often include a human name, image, and physical demographics. These are available in Userforge but not required. This means you can create both "humanized" personas and broader user role profiles.

User Role Profiles vs. Stereotyped Personas

For user role profiles in particular, contextual images that evoke a representative environment can generate empathy and contextual framing with less baggage from stereotypes, as in this example:

Example of a well chosen environmental image for a user role profile

Key Elements

Archetype / Group / Segment Name

The name for your user segment often an organizational / system role or customer segment.

Human Name (optional)

Personas typically have a human name. We provide a generator for random first names. It's been left as optional to allow Userforge to be used for role profiles


A short paragraph giving context and background, intended to generate empathy


An even shorter snippet highlighting a persona's core goals or concern. It can even be a literal quote from your user interview research.

Goals or Motivations

High-level factors driving a segment's engagement with your product or service

Pain-points, Blockers or Frustrations

Major challenges common to this user group -- could be things you're trying to solve or just factors to keep in mind.

Note that the labels available in the drop-downs are only suggestions - you are encouraged to provide your own section titles as well!

Printing and PDF's

Both MacOS and Windows 10 support PDF generation via the system print dialog. If you would like to email someone a static copy of a persona, use the small "link" icon in the page heading to open the printer-friendly view, then select "Save as PDF."

Persona Tips

Keep your Personas Alive

A helpful aspect of online tools like Userforge vs. static documents is that your personas can be updated as your team's understanding grows. Consider scheduling regular reviews and making iterative updates.

Focus on Research

Persona profiles exist to enrich and serve your project, not the other way around! If you have the choice, focus more effort on research and synthesizing insights than on presentation.

Avoid stereotypes

As shown in the example comparison above, Userforge can power user group profiles that enrich empathy and foster user-connectedness without reinforcing unhelpful biases. Endeavour to segment groups based on functional aspects, shared concerns, and real research data rather than resorting to lazy stereotypes. Rich contextual background images powered by our built-in image library are one good way to do this!

Put your personas to work with User Stories (optional)

User stories describe the actions that your users can take within the system.

A user role's stories appear in the sidebar. They are grouped by map location.