Jira Integration

Export beautifully formatted user stories to Jira Cloud software

Integration Setup

In the "Settings" tab of the workspace cog there is space to provide your API connection details. If you have not recently authenticated you may need sign out and then back in again with your Atlassian ID to generate a key.

Follow the link to generate an Atlassian API token.

Story Auto-Linking

Once the API has been set up and a project selected, stories additionas and changes are automatically synced to Jira:

Exported Stories in Jira

Stories are elegantly formatted using Atlassian markup conventions for extra readability. Links back to Userforge are conveniently provided to edit.

Additional Notes

  • Changes made in Userforge are updated and logged to Jira history tab

  • You may wish to create a unique Atlassian ID for Userforge so that it's clearer on the Jira side where the updates come from when stories are changed.

Beta Features

Upgraded accounts may contact us regarding availability/testing of the following beta features:

  • Comments made in Jira can be made visible in Userforge

  • On advanced plans, story status and estimates can also be made visible in Userforge

Email [email protected] with any questions or to participate in beta testing.