Jira Integration

Export beautifully formatted user stories to Jira Cloud software

Integration Setup

Note: JIRA integration is available on the "Power Workspace" plan.

In the "Settings" tab of the workspace settings gear/cog you can provide your API connection details. If you have not recently authenticated you may need sign out and then back in again with your Atlassian ID to generate a key.

Follow the link to generate an Atlassian API token.

Story Auto-Linking

Once the API has been set up and a project selected, stories, acceptance criteria, and changes are automatically synced to Jira:

Exported Stories in Jira

Stories are elegantly formatted using Atlassian markup conventions for extra readability. Links back to Userforge are provided as a convenient way to modify your stories.

Additional Notes

  • Changes made in Userforge are updated and logged to Jira history tab

  • You may wish to create a unique Atlassian ID for Userforge so that it's clearer on the Jira side where the updates come from when stories are changed.